Standardize 4 Safety: Taking Aim at Strategies for Adoption

June 24, 2022

Safety is at the forefront of all processes in the pharmacy department. ASHP has been a champion of safety since the organization originated more than 75 years ago. 

ASHP received funding from the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Safe Use Initiative to develop and implement national standardized concentrations for IV. and oral liquid medications. This is the first national inter-professional (physicians, pharmacists, nurses) initiative to standardize medication concentrations with the goal of reducing prescribing, dispensing, and medication errors for patients of all ages in settings ranging from hospital to home. This outstanding program, called Standardize 4 Safety, will have substantial downstream effects on safety, cost, efficiency, and error-reduction. Standardization will result in consolidated/converged product demand from hospitals, and more instances of ready-for-use drug preparations from manufacturers, simpler drug libraries, improvements to automatic drug recognition by infusion pumps, and improved clinical information system data exchange. 

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